25 + Years of Business

Our company, Haileslassie Ambaye Industrial Plc (HAIPLC), was established in 2005 as coffee exporting company to the world market. The Founder of the company is Mr Haileslassie Ambaye Deres and his family members. Mr Haileslassie Ambaye Deres (Mr Deres) started his business in the early nineties in the local business distribution venture before he moved to establish his new company in 2005. The destinations of the coffee export are USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia. The company sources its coffee from its washing stations located in the main coffee growing regions of Yirgachefe, Guji, Sidamo, and Djimma. It also established several vertical integration agreements with other selected suppliers to whom it extends interest free loans in a bid to get high quality coffees.

In its upward move towards expanding, the company established a dry coffee cleaning and packaging from Cimbria with the latest colour sorter (Sortex) in 2012. In 2015 it acquired a 500 ha of coffee farm in the Southern People, Nations and Nationalities Regional State, Bench Maji zone, Debub Bench woreda, Dirita kebele. Along side the export business, it also has been importing heavy machineries and construction materials. In more recent times it also enters into manufacturing and logistics business.